3.2.7. Firmware Upgrade

"Elevate your AeroGCS Config experience with step-by-step instructions for firmware upgrades."

3.2.7. Firmware Upgrade

Firmware Upgrade: Firmware is embedded software that governs various aspects of hardware functionality, from flight inputs to energy management and more. Manufacturers (OEMs) release firmware updates periodically to enhance performance, address issues, and ensure security. When updating firmware, it's crucial to adhere to the OEM's guidelines.

Firmware upgrades are essential to maintain the proper functioning of drones, improving reliability in fail-safe scenarios and during landings, thereby preventing potential costly issues. This feature allows users to flash the firmware for a drone, offering two types of flashing:

  1. Automatic

  2. Manual

Note: Firmware upgrades can be time-consuming, and a stable internet connection is imperative for the process.

Upgrade the firmware in response to notifications from the OEMs. Automatic Firmware Upgrade

In the automatic firmware upgrade, users can select the desired firmware type based on their requirements and flash it onto the specific board type.

To access the Firmware Upgrade screen in RPA settings, navigate to the Firmware Upgrade section within RPA settings. The Firmware Upgrade screen will appear as depicted in the following figure.

Step 1: Select the vehicle type from the list of available vehicles displayed on the screen. This action will present you with the list of available UAS firmware, as demonstrated in the following screen.

Click on the appropriate firmware listed on the screen, and subsequently, click on the "Select" button.

Step 2. After you have selected the proper and appropriate firmware from the available list, the following screen will appear, prompting you to choose the board type and baud rate, as illustrated in the figure below.

To initiate the firmware upgrade, please disconnect the connected device first. Then, reconnect it. The following screen will be displayed.

Click the "Download" button to retrieve the firmware, as demonstrated in the following figure.

Follow the on-screen instructions that have appeared to proceed further.

The firmware setup may take some time, so please wait patiently for the procedure to complete.

Note: It's crucial not to power off the system during the firmware upgrade process.

For additional details, consider watching the accompanying video. Manual Firmware Upgrade

In manual firmware upgrades, users have the flexibility to select the firmware file stored on their device, choose a .apj file type, and then proceed to flash this firmware onto the board.

To access the Firmware Upgrade screen within RPA settings, go to the Firmware Upgrade section, and then select "Manual" within RPA settings. The Firmware Upgrade screen will be displayed as shown in the following figure.

Step 1 Click on the "Browse" button to browse and select the stored .apj file from your device for manual firmware upgrade. As shown in the following screen.

Click the "Open" button.

Step 2: After browsing and clicking the "Open" button to select the APJ file, the following screen will appear on your display.

Click the "Start" button and follow the on-screen instructions and commands to proceed with the upgrade process, as demonstrated in the following screen.

For a comprehensive description and step-by-step flow of the firmware upgrade process, please refer to the video shown below.

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