3.2.1 Signing in

"Streamlined sign-in process for AeroGCS Config – just enter your OEM credentials."

3.2.1 Signing in:

Step 1: Just give double-click on "AeroGCS-Config.exe" or the shortcut you thoughtfully placed on your Desktop. This simple action will open up the Login screen right on your monitor. All you need to do is enter your username and password (OEM User's User Name and Password) as displayed on the following screen. It's as user-friendly as that!

(If you receive a warning from Windows about the application being untrusted, kindly trust the AeroGCS-Config.exe file.)

Step 2: Now, go ahead and click the "Login" button to continue.

Step 3: After successfully logging in with your valid OEM credentials, a message confirming your successful login will appear. Simply click the "OK" button, and the subsequent screen will be displayed on your monitor. As shown in the Following Screen.

This screen provides the option to establish a connection with your drone. You can choose from Serial, TCP, UDP, and Bluetooth connection options. Input the necessary parameters or values and then click the "Connect" button. Additionally, there's an "Advanced" button available on this screen, which lets you configure more intricate telemetry settings, as indicated in the following display.

Enter suitable and valid values, then click the "Save" button to store your advanced settings.

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