Choosing Airframes

“Selecting the Type of Airframe for Your RPA Configuration.” Choosing Airframes:

The airframe serves as the chassis that houses various components and payloads. Its dimensions and capabilities significantly influence drone design. Careful airframe selection is vital to support the combined weight of all drone elements. Proper airframe selection is crucial due to its direct linkage with the system's firmware.

The Airframe Settings Screen Appearance is as shown when you click on “AIRFRAME”

The Airframe setting allows you to choose the appropriate configuration for your desired airframe. This selection enables the flight controller software to interpret and 0 the drone accordingly. This setting is of utmost significance and should be confirmed before taking a flight. It encompasses two distinctive categories:

a) Frame Class: This section displays all the standard airframe classes that are compatible with ArduPilot firmware. You are required to choose one from the list and subsequently restart the drone.

b) Frame Type: In this segment, you will find a compilation of standard airframe frame types, which are supported by Ardupilot firmware. Your choice here should align with the physical specifications of the drone.

The subsequent two screens illustrate this process in detail.

Once you've chosen the appropriate airframe class and type, simply click the "Update" button. This action will apply the selected parameters and configurations.

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